A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A small poem about what makes us want to make things and why it's not always easy. 

WASD to move, mouse to look around, space to jump, alt-f4 to win.

Please make sure your sound is on and, for the best experience, play in full screen.

Install instructions

Just download the .zip file for your operating system and then find the launcher inside.


Linux .zip 37 MB
Mac OSX .zip 38 MB
Windows .zip 36 MB


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I was disappointed with the game segment of your game, but I do have to say that your heartfelt dialogue made this an enjoyable experience.

It's not really much of a game, is it? I had to have something in the space to help you to realize that you're actually able to move around. Maybe it would have been more powerful if I just put a single object at the center. Maybe a vector transform pointer or something. Thanks for giving it a go!


No I disagree, I think that having a long succession of spheres gives the player a reason not to leave early on so that they will listen to the entirety of the speech. I honestly thought that you intentionally designed it so that I would be tricked into staying for a game that didn't exist. It may seem deceptive, but I think it forces the player to stay for the whole experience and think that's smart.